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High School Transition Services

The Transition Program offers an educationally based curriculum that is structured around training sections and learning sites in the community. Some of these sections include: Workforce preparation, Clerical and Basic Life Skills. Each area of training incorporates trips into the local community and hands on training to enhance development of skills. The core elements of workforce preparation for students with disabilities are the same as those for their nondisabled peers—awareness of interests and abilities, exposure to career options, and assessing and building skills. The only difference is that they require more extensive and individualized support from school personnel and other adults.

The three most important goals for students are to gain an understanding of themselves and their abilities, interests, and values; gain an understanding of the world of work; and acquire effective decision-making skills.

Our transition students work at the CP/W Market Place, an on-site café to develop clerical skills. Students practice retail skills including: inventory tracking and restocking, conducting point-of-sale transactions and customer service.

Life skills is a component of the program that connects the essentials of daily living with practical life experiences. Students follow a curriculum that uses various learning techniques to address social skills development, safety in the community, hygiene and grooming, and self-exploration.

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