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Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment is a program designed for participants who are on an independent job track. Our trained staff works closely with supervisors, managers and the employed individual to assist them with various techniques and approaches to acquire new skills, enhance their current skill level and maintain their position. Our job coaches help reinforce the tasks and encourage learning to increase work proficiency. It is our goal to provide each Individual with the appropriate supports that is tailored to their specific needs in order to help the person become successful on both a personal and professional level.

Through ACCES-VR we have two types of employment services. The 3-Tier Placement Process enables individuals to work with us over a period of time. Part 1 of this service provides for the development of a resume, job exploration and practicing of interview techniques. Part 2 is placement in a community-based position with job coaching to assist with integration into the work force and training of required job duties. Part 3 provides for a gradual reduction of job coach support within 90 days of placement. We also provide direct placement services for individuals that need assistance with basic job searching and short-term job coaching in community-based employment. Both of these services are designed to provide the individual with a solid foundation in community employment while minimizing transition concerns.

Our trained job coaches reach out into the community to establish relationships with local businesses in order to obtain job opportunities for our participants. The working relationship that is established between managers and our vocational staff provides an environment that encourages learning and assists with individual training. Some businesses that have employed our participants include: CVS, Target, The Salvation Army, Self-Advocacy Association of New York State, Stop and Shop, Westchester County Center and United Artists. Competitive employment is our ultimate goal; however we do support our participants in the community for internships, work try-outs and volunteer positions.

Our trained job coaches work with participants in the Vocational Services program on individual community based job sites. Support is provided until the person achieves independence. Job coaches also provide job readiness skills which include: resume preparation, learning to adjust to workplace demands, facilitating effective communication with supervisors and co-workers, assisting with learning assigned tasks, expanding knowledge of learned skills and maintaining the current job position. These services are provided through OPWDD Supported Employment (SEMP), and ACCES-VR programs.

For more information please contact Program Director at 914-937-3800 ext. 720 or email info@cpwestchester.org

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